Faulty hardware components usually make themselves known within the first few seconds of turning on your PC or laptop. It can do anything from making a series of loud beeping sounds, to giving you an error message or doing nothing at all.

When you call us the first thing we will ask you is what your computer does when you press the power button. We will then use this information to go through some possible scenarios of what may have happened. If the issue is intermittent, it may be something else such as an overheating issue or a RAM problem which can generally be resolved quickly and easily.

If a part has failed, it is a good opportunity to replace it with an upgraded component, so you get the longest possible life out of your computer.

Warning Signs That You May Have A Faulty Part Include:

  • You have no power at all and no lights are turning on.
  • Your computer has power but nothing appears on the screen.
  • Your computer makes a series of beeping noises when turned on.
  • Your computer will randomly crash, reboot or hang.
  • Your devices do not perform as they should (e.g. DVD’s won’t read or sound won’t play).
  • There are strange noises coming from inside your computer that are not normal.
  • Your computer will not get into Windows and gives an error message.
  • Your computer will not get past the first BIOS screen.

If It Sounds Like You Have A Faulty Part We Can Help By:

  • Checking the internal power supply in the case of a computer with no power at all.
  • Listening to any audible beeping sounds to diagnose common failures like RAM.
  • Running various scans on parts like RAM and hard drives to check for any errors.
  • Checking internal temperatures for overheating problems and unsuitable operating conditions.
  • Replacing any parts with obvious faults like broken CD-Drives, cracked screens etc.
  • Providing you with any upgrade options to improve your computers speed.
  • Cleaning the internal components and removing any dust and debris.
  • Recovering any data from hard drives if it is uneconomical to repair the computer.

We recognise that the majority of our customers are very concerned about the safety of their files when their computers fail. We always ensure that we take all due care to make sure that no data is ever lost, and if a repair is uneconomical for any reason (for example if the entire motherboard has failed on a very old computer) then we can still help you recover your data and documents, even when the computer is no longer functional. If you are experiencing any of the issues mentioned above, please give us a call with as much information as you are able to provide. This will allow us to give you the most accurate diagnosis of what the issue may be and provide any cost estimates, as well as allowing for the fastest repair times.

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